Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wheeler 305-172 Combo Scope Kit

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Wheeler 305-172 Combo Scope Kit Short Description

The Wheeler Combo Scope Kit should become the standard practice whenever a scope is installed on a quality firearm. Alignment bars provide for perfect alignment of both rings and will also diagnose any misalignment problem, vertical or horizontal, giving you the opportunity to fix the problem before damaging the scope or experiencing frustration at the range. Lapping scope rings increases the surface area of contact between the inside of the rings and the scope tube. This creates better holding force, keeping the scope much more secure.

Wheeler 305-172 Combo Scope Kit Key Features

  • One inch and (two) Thirty milimeter combo scopes
  • Two alignment bars
  • Lapping bar
  • Lapping handle
  • 220 grit lapping compound

List Price: $ 74.99

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